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AnonOps IRC servers shut down

In a war, both sides have to fight. In the current cyberwar, things could not be different. The official gate of recruitment of Anonymous collective on the web is shut down. The new improvised link announces: “Our usual website is unable to accomodate visitors due to DDOS attacks, so we have limited the site to a much lighter interface to display basic information to our Users”. Also, the Colletive’s IRC network is under problems. Mass kicks, lag and functions unavailable.

The same tactic used by the group to affect Visa’s, Mastercard’s and Paypal’s servers are being used against them.  Although “today has been a rough day” , a member pointed out those DDos attacks are “fairly powerful” and according to him Operation Payback isn’t under risk. “nothing is ever cancelled / OP will be heer until we are no longer needed / our stated mission and goals remain”.

Who is attacking them, who is this ‘invisible’ rival of Anonymous, who is this army that doesn’t show itself to media or popular aknowledgement? We asked a member of the collective if they know where the attacks are coming from. “unsure atm [at the moment]”, one said. They remarked some assumptions. “well the obvious assumption would be twofold / companies that have been targeted by the users of our irc is one /  2 would be anyone else out there who disagrees with our views (…) companies have before used hired guns to achieve their goals; ie aiplex”, wrote an anonoymous. ” i have seen some Ron Paul supporters call to action /  only an asumption though /  companies have before used hired guns to achieve their goals; ie aiplex”, said another member.

The group shows to be conscious about the magnitude of recent and current worldwide events related with cyberwars. “this is kind of a new phenomenon, we dont understand it fully either”, admit.  They also seem to have clear in mind their beliefs which impose to continue their actions and operations. A member explained: “our hope is that once theyunderstand what is at stake for everyone, they might decidee that we are not a bunch of kids / that we are forward thinking in our views / and might one day decide that what we stand for is correct and just”.

The global cyberwar continues.

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