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Interview with @Anonymouse, member of Anonymous collective, operator of #wikileaks channel on AnonOps IRC server

December 8, 2010 Leave a comment

[Esta entrevista fue traducida por un colaborador al castellano. Pincha aqui para leerla.]

The infamous hacker group Anonymous launched a popular campaing for those seeking to help DDos attacks on the systems which had boycotted Wikileaks. Mastercard, Visa, Amazon and PayPal are some of their aims.

An IRC server run by the organization is the recruitment’s portal for this global task-force.

This night we spoke with the operator of the channel #wikileaks.

[23:10] <> Can you give us general history of your participation in the Anonymous organization?
[23:10] <Anonymouse> sure
[23:10] <Anonymouse> i personally started being involved around 5 months ago, when the operation was totally centered in copyright matters
[23:12] <Anonymouse> soon, lacking coding skills, i made my way to propaganda design and control, vulnerabilities scans, and general control of some channels regarding spanish-french speaking people
[23:12] <Anonymouse> lately operation payback was dying for a number of reasons
[23:13] <> Which reasons?
[23:13] <Anonymouse> internal fights, lack of soldiers, and general need of a boost like wikileaks gave us
[23:14] <> So the participation in this conflict regarding Wikileaks is an attempt to get more public awareness?
[23:15] <Anonymouse> operation payback always was about freedom, including speech and press freedom, and also about gov’s control on flow of information and legislation
[23:15] <Anonymouse> i think i speak for everyone who gave 20 hours a day for the last half a year to this operation when i say
[23:16] <Anonymouse> wikileaks is the best of reasons to keep moving

[23:16] <Anonymouse> we still want to fight copyright, at least till we get an answer about our general requests
[23:16] <> You mentioned something about internal fights, what was the main reasons for the misunderstanding?
[23:16] <Anonymouse> concerning internet, patents, and intellectual property
[23:16] <Anonymouse> mmmm well
[23:17] <Anonymouse> anonymous is basically a massive conscientiousness, more than an organization
[23:17] <Anonymouse> however, in order to plan organized an long-term attacks
[23:17] <Anonymouse> some kind of power structure is required
[23:17] <Anonymouse> given that, we had 2 different internal kinds of fights
[23:18] <Anonymouse> since the operation started, we had another hackers attacking our servers
[23:18] <Anonymouse> “GREAT” hackers, so to speak, very powerful people, who asked for another kind of operation payback, not ddoss centered
[23:18] <Anonymouse> obviously anonymous disagreed that line of attacks because not many have elite hacking skills
[23:19] <Anonymouse> further on, passed some months of the first attacks
[23:19] <Anonymouse> internal fights where had regarding specific chatrooms privileges, moderators, administrators…
[23:19] <Anonymouse> fight for power, u may say
[23:20] <Anonymouse> or maybe, for glory, better said
[23:20] <> So Anonymous is centered on a more`popular`  form of hacking; gathering more users, also ordinary users?
[23:20] <Anonymouse> this operation specifically, it is
[23:20] <Anonymouse> it is based on ddoss attacks, in return of aiplex attacks against the pirate bay
[23:20] <Anonymouse> ddoss attacks require a high number of people participating to be succesful
[23:21] <> Do you agree we are now watching  some people fighting a global cyberwar, maybe the biggest one in history?
[23:21] <Anonymouse> no discussion at all, we are fighting a cyberwar since aiplex was first hired
[23:22] <Anonymouse> and no doubt is the biggest and most popular ever, in my opinion
[23:22] <> What are the perspectives of this war, do you believe the big institutions can be challenged, do you believe this popular task-force can reach its objectives?
[23:23] <Anonymouse> to be totally honest, since the first day i started fighting this war, i had something deep inside me that told me “this war is a war that can`t be won”
[23:24] <Anonymouse> but also to be sincere, wikileaks gave a whole new meaning to our fight, not only new soldiers, but new media coverage, new people affiliated with our cause
[23:24] <Anonymouse> and i think big associations may join us in the future
[23:24] <> A normal inte­rnet user that somehow wants to take part in the conflict, what can he do?

[23:25] <Anonymouse> visit ­, its our main website where u can find everything you need to join. You can be a soldier or a thinker, a designer or a coder, a philosopher or an average citizen, there is a place for everyone in anonymous
[23:26] <> Assange said that world history will be divided in before and after the leaks, do you agree? What do you think about the global future regarding this matter. What are the consequences, what will change in your opinion?
[23:29] <Anonymouse> i think after we saw today, mastercard and visa successful attacks, this snowball can’t now be stopped, people is willing to know. What is happening right now is unique. Is an event that history never saw before, we are pioneers of the new ways, the free flow of information ways. Free information WILL change the shape of the world, the very essence of governments, the trsnaparency of every corporation. I can’t agree more with Assange. Once people taste the freedom.

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